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Saturday 28 November 2015

$100 off Hypnosis Packages! Huge Savings for Your Health and Well-being!

Posted at 12:41 PM

Time to gift yourself with a gift of health and well-being.  Right now you get $100.00 off the 3 and 4 Session Packages at Absolute Hypnosis, LLC with expert Donna Varen, CHT. Purchase now and use as you wish in 2015 and 2016. Prices will be going up after the first of the New Year.

I will be posting some new blogs about hypnosis here on a variety of topics.  For instance, it is impossible to use hypnosis to get someone to do something against their will, morals or wishes.  I can't "mess" with your head.  It's about giving the client more control over their thoughts, not less.  It's about empowering a person to self-actualize.  Anyone who thinks it is possible to make someone think or do something harmful to themselves or others as a result of hypnosis is very mistaken.  It's not possible unless that person is already self-destructive.  In that case, if you know anyone who is having harmful thoughts over the holidays, please contact a mental health professional. Holidays can be very depressing for some and very stressful as well.  If a client comes to me with such thoughts, I would recommend professional medical help immediately.  Hypnosis is a viable complement to enhancing your health along with your other professional medical recommendations.  It is not a replacement for such medical help.

Hypnosis can help with ellivating someone's self-esteem, confidence, self reliance, self acceptance, and respect.  It is a powerful way to enhance your life and well-being through the many challenges life presents to us.  Gain control over negative thinking and behaviors this holiday season.  Gain strength and courage for the New Year.  Self-Actualize!!