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Saturday 22 September 2018

Autumn Harvest and Really Healthy Food

Posted by at 9:38 AM

  Do you need help making better food choices.  It's simple to do with hypnosis.  You see, you must put the proper information into your subconsious mind in order to get the proper results.  Fall has arrived and the holidays will soon be upon us.  Get a jump on the season with healthier choices and prevent yourself from falling into the trap of cycling in the same old habit patterns that have caused a potential health problem for you or your family!  Right now astrologically, it's also a really good time to do a cleanse.  I offer assistance with this as well.  Diets are unsustainable....BUT a healthy lifestyle designed to be appropriate and convenient for you is sustainable.  Hypnosis is a wonderful way to get back the control you are seeking.  Get a personalized program that fits your needs!  Free consultations are available.  I care.  Donna