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Thursday 23 August 2018

Children and Obesity

Posted by at 9:57 AM

I was born in the 1950's....before computers, cell phones, and social media.  There were very overweight children then and not many people suffered from diabetes.  Things have changed a lot since then as most of us know and the health statistics are dismaying.  Good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle habits begin in childhood.  If your child is struggling to feel better, gain more confidence, and learn healthy lifestyle skills....Hypnosis can really be transformative.  I love working with children, and the parent or legal guardian is always in the room with their child during the sessions.  Kids make great hypnotic subjects and respond very quickly to the positive suggestions and directions given to them in a hypnosis session.  Many of my former child clients would comment on how fun it was to come the hypnotist and start living a healthier, more confident life!  I care.  Donna