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Sunday 5 May 2019

WORKSHOP: Knock out Stress and Find Inner Peace

Posted by at 12:45 PM

                                                   Knock out the Stress- Find Inner Peace

                                                                                                     Presented by:

                                                Krista Pfohl, Reiki Master: www.lunafrequency.com

                                         Donna L. Varen, Certified Hypnotist:  www.absolutehypnosis.com

                      Sunday, May 19, 2019

                  1:00 -3:30 pm

                  The Awakened Center,  17 Applegate Ct, Suite 9

Can you imagine a less stressful life?   Or, are you stuck in patterns of unhappiness and/or bad habits?  Thoughts can become beliefs and beliefs can become your habits (beneficial or not).  Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Sound Therapy are powerful ways to overcome the obstacles that have become anchored in your subconscious mind.  Flex and build your mental stamina, clear out your negative thoughts in order to shift out of the patterns of fear, anxiety, and unhealthy habits.  Regain your personal power for growth and success while discovering how to maintain peace amidst all the stressors that life throws at you.

                                 Tuition is $75.00.  Please contact Krista Pfohl to pre-register:  608-770-5775

You will experience Hypnosis while receiving Reiki, followed by a Sound Meditation with crystal bowls and chimes.  Ahhhh....