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The practice of using a hypnotic method called regression has been a controversial subject for a very long time. However, the subconscious mind remembers everything, and so it is sometimes essential to conduct a regression in order to get to the bottom of things.

There are regressions for overcoming phobias, grief, and trauma in this lifetime. But, there are also past life regressions. Some hypnotists even do regression work to discover information about people in between their reincarnations.  Of, course not everyone believes in reincarnation….and yet this can still be an effective method for many issues. 

Because this information is very specific to a person’s beliefs and needs, and is rather difficult to explain in this short space, I recommend that you call or email our office to discuss the possibility of doing hypnosis regression work.

I am experienced at conducting past life regressions.  This is a special program which is 2 sessions and 2 hours each.  The cost is 595.00.  IN PERSON ONLY.

Please contact  Donna Varen, CHT:   239-293-6765 (cell)   239-331-2523 (landline)   [email protected]