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"I’ve been biting my nails since I was a little kid, it was something that always bothered me and over the years I tried several things to make it stop. I remember being so angry at myself about it and worrying at the same time about permanently damaging my fingers! Now I’m in my 50s and enough was enough. I called Donna and made an appointment we met for the first time and she told me everything that was going to happen during our three sessions, I feel very relaxed and comfortable with her as we talked about this problem of mine. After the first session I felt empowered and very positive about the idea of having beautiful nails! The second and third session we anchored in the idea and by God it has worked! I feel so much better about myself and my hands I don’t know if I can ever truly thank Donna for her help with this. If your having a problem, any problem go and see Donna! She was easy to work with and it was a very positive experience. The future is bright! Thanks Donna!!"

By Brian Kreul


"Thank you for your amazing hypnotherapy skills! I grew up in Romania and by the age of 7 I had learned to take the tobacco my Father grew and smoke it using the newspaper for cigarette papers! Needless to say I never thought I would be able to quit but could still see the importance for my health. Luckily a friend of mine knew Donna and how skillful she was. Amazingly, after one session I have been smoke free for the past 6 months. I am so grateful."

By Gheorghe Tinghili


"Call it nerves, call it stress, but I had bitten my nails for years and years! It was embarrassing! So, as kind of a lark, I asked my good friend Donna Varen to try to hypnotize me and get me to stop biting my nails. Well, I should have gone to see Donna years and years ago! Not only did she completely hypnotize me, but through suggestion and positive statements she got inside my head, and I can tell you that as Im typing this Im looking at 10 nails that make me smile. Whether its a small issue or a big issue in your life, dont live it -- GO SEE DONNA! The worst -- you get a very relaxing two-hour deep sleep -- and the best, you improve your quality of life and correct something that has bothered you for a long time. Call Donna right now!"

By Randy Lenz


"I Highly recommend Donna and her work as a hypnotherapist! She has helped me remarkably in the past when I was having frequent low blood sugar headaches. After one session, they stopped occurring! She has helped me achieve such deep levels of relaxation each time we have worked together. Truly nourishing and healing. Her voice is a pure pleasure to listen to! Thank you Donna for your skillful assistance over the years! I have recommended many friends and clients to her and she has done so much good work. "

By Claudia Gehlhaart


"Thank you so much, Donna, for all your support and help! You are truly a godsend and I am so lucky to have met you. Words cannot express my true gratitude! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart! Traci Graber"

By Traci Graber


"Ive had several experiences with Donna and have known some positive results. One being, the reduction in my normally high blood pressure, much to my doctors astonishment. Weve also done work regarding stress reduction. My doctor said I looked better than I did when she met me 10 years! She being one that is not positively convinced about hypnosis announced as she was leaving the room, " whatever youre doing keep doing it!" I intend to continue working with Donna including doing the ion cleanses and anticipate positive results. I highly recommend Donna as a skilled professional!"

By Kathleen I. Schneider


"I was hypnotized 15 months ago and lost 70 lbs in abut 10 months and have kept it off since. It was the easiest weight I have ever lost (having lost 50lbs at least 4 times in the past). I eat what I want but am satisfied with small amounts. While I used to think of exercise as a four letter word I now feel rotten if I don't get to walk or work out. I thank Donna from the bottom of my heart for turning my life around"

By Vicki Hilgers


"I want to thank you so very much for what you have done for me. I feel so much better about myself. I haven't felt this way for a long time. I have learned how to relax more and I don't turn to food like I used to when I get stressed out. I exercise a lot more. My husband sure has seen a great change in me. Thank you so very much, Donna "

By B. Symons


"Just a short note to let you know I'm really in the "pink". At my physical, I had lost 14 pounds in less than a month. I'm on a roll and very pleased with my progress. "

By J. Fitzsimons


"I want to thank you for a job well done, as I have not smoked since attending your seminar!!! That was almost 8 weeks ago! I listened to the reinforcement tapes faithfully after your presentation. People who know me find it hard to believe that I quit smoking because they knew I enjoyed my cigarettes and coffee. I have gained self-confidence since kicking the cigarette habit and am now starting a part-time job as independent consultant selling unique candles... Again, I want to extend a heart-felt thank you to you for what you have done for me. My children appreciate it immensely also!"

By J. Reinhart


"It has been 2-1/2 months since my session with Donna and I am still smoke free. I had been a smoker for 27 years prior to this time and had tried to quit on several occasions with no success. I now feel better and can visit friends homes without having to go outside frequently for cigarette breaks. Thanks so much! Dear Donna- I attended the hypnosis seminar in Minnetonka, Minnesota at the Holiday Inn on I-394 in May, 2001..I have not smoked since that night. You did a very, very good job!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

By S. Klapmier


"Donna Varen has provided her hypnotherapy services to the veterans receiving services from the Center for Veterans Issues, Ltd., and the National Association for Black Veterans on two occasions in the year 2000. She provided a "Stop-Smoking Hypnotherapy" session and was a performer at a veterans' holiday party during which she entertained the audience by hypnotizing a group on stage. These experiences with Donna were wonderful for the veterans we serve and for the staff who work with them. Donna was impressive because she worked well in a very serious and clinical arena, such as at the session to help veterans stop smoking yet she also used her hypnotherapy to be very entertaining and fun, such as at the holiday party.-Thomas H. Wynn, Sr. President/CEO"

By Thomas H. Wynn


"Thank you so much for helping find what I needed to do lifetime changes in my eating habits. The tapes are also great help between sessions. I also appreciate your time when I need just a simple boost. Hypnosis has change my whole outlook on life and the way I look at food. I am in control now. Without thinking I just seem to make better healthier choices. When I do trail off once in awhile, I feel OK about that too and get back on track right away without dwelling on it. I have lost 24+ lbs and have dropped 2 sizes in 4 months. "

By Judy Pelton


"With Donna's help using hypnosis for dieting. I have lost 40 lbs. this past year. It was done with ease. I didn't have to go hungry. I began to choose healthier foods and exercise became a welcomed event. My sleeping patterns improve, my self esteem was healthier. And I found a new calmness at work. I'm very content with my new lifestyle and I'm looking forward to another year and confident that I will lost more weight."

By Jeanne Fitzsimons


"Thanks to you Donna, I have lost eleven pounds. I'm eating healthy and exercise daily. I feel much better about myself and have more energy. I keep in mind how very important it is to drink lots of water every day. I eat lots of fruits and veggies and eat red meat sparingly. I plan to loose a few more pounds. I haven't touched chips or candy and very seldom indulge in eating any sweets. My goal is to stay focused , making my new healthy habits my permanent lifestyle. "

By Ila Jean Selleck


"Thank you so much for your help. I smoked for over 25 years - since our session. I have not had (or had the urge to have) a cigarette. Thank you again for helping me become smoke free! "

By Bobbie Fons


"I just wanted to let you know that I went to the smoking and weight loss session five weeks ago in Peoria, IL. I have since lost 23 lbs. I am really happy. I lost 11 of those pounds my first week. I did purchase your CD as well so that I could self hypnotize and continue the process. I was always very positive that your program would work for me so far it has. "

By Michele Hardwick


"I have been fighting a battle with my weight for over 25 years. When I heard about Donna I was very skeptical, but after 1 session I lost all cravings for sweets. Since I was a chocoholic this alone is a miracle. I have lost 35 lbs. without much effort and feel wonderful. Thank you Donna - I could not have done it without you! "

By Rita Heller


"I was hypnotized a year ago by Donna Varen to assist me in weight loss and feel it was very beneficial. I have always had a sweet tooth but was not able to take control of it until after my hypnosis session. Since then, I have lost 50 pounds. I also joined Weight Watchers for the group support but feel certain it would not have been as successful without my prior visit to Donna. "

By Mary Kay Vogel


"I have been on this hypnosis program since May 12, 2003. However after a few short weeks I have went from a size 18 to 14 in pant sizes and I feel great!!! I was very skeptical of this process, however at the point where I was at I was willing to try anything after failing several other diet programs. By doing this process, it has helped me change my eating habits, and I feel more energetic, and also the way I feel about foods. Thank you Donna for helping me loose the weight and making me feel more comfortable about myself. I recommend this hypnosis process to anyone because it really works!!!!"

By Lisa Scullion


"Hypnosis helped a lot on my weight loss and self esteem. I've lost 40 lbs and still losing. I do not crave any sweets. I'm walking more and feeling very good. Thank you! I think this is very good for me and think other people will benefit from Donna."

By Harlan B. Erickson


"I smoked for 29 years and drank 7 to 12 cans of diet Pepsi daily for the last 20 years. Back in Aug 2004 a friend of mine went to Donna to quit smoking. (2 to 2 pkg daily) By Nov. he still had not gone back to smoking and I thought - if he could do it - so could I! On Nov 5th 2004 I met with Donna. I was uneasy and very nervous about this whole thing - But my lungs were screaming, my chest hurt, and I was scared of dying. As I was walking out the door after our session, I thought to myself "yea right!" I got into my car, went straight to the grocery store and bought my very first bottle of water ever! As I'm going down the road I spotted a diet pepsi machine and instantly thought - "I used to drink" And I started Laughing - I used to drink Diet Pepsi! I realized then that I hadn't even thought about having a smoke AND I didn't want a diet pepsi - unbelievable! It is almost 3 months now and I feel fantastic! I have not touched a cigarette and I can not make myself drink a soda! If I even start to think about smoking - I take a deep Breath and I feel How Absolutely fantastic it is to Fill my Lungs with Clean Fresh Air! And I thank God for leading me to Donna! Thank you - You have changed my LIFE."

By Kath Haase


"I want to thank Absolute Hypnosis for helping me quit smoking. I had tried for years without success. Thank you"

By Dave


"Donna, It's been a year now, so I wanted to give you an update. I am down 50+ lbs and feel absolutely fabulous! I not only look better but I feel better. I am not a size 4 from a size 16 (almost 18) and love the fact that it has ALL stayed off. I am able to play with by kids again, I went back to school and am doing great. Thanks to your great program. I have recommended it to others, and I know that a couple have come to visit and simply love you. My friend ----- and her sister have made appointments and my friend ----- from work has also came to see you. She felt so great, she took a vacation after loosing weight to show off her great figure. You do wonders! Thanks again!"

By Misty Marshall