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Weight Loss:

It is well known that “Diets” are not effective, AND can actually cause people to gain weight in the long run! Many who have tried an array of diets are involved in yo-yo dieting and end up being heavier than ever because of the adverse effects it has on a person’s body.

Hypnosis is not a diet! It is an effective, natural way to change your subconscious mind about your eating habits, self-confidence, physical inactivity, and any other issue(s) that are related to being overweight and/or out of shape.

The subconscious mind is the master motivator and generator of our behaviors.  It works like a computer and gets programmed. These programs, which are actually concepts and beliefs, get installed into a person’s mind through repetition by our culture, upbringing, and the experiences in our lives.  Many of the negative programs come in when we are children. Here are a few examples of programs that may be affecting your health and well-being.

  1. You must eat everything on your plate because there are starving children in the world. (This is a shaming tactic used to make children eat when they do not want to, or do not like the food that is offered to them.)
  2. Sweets and junk food are treats and rewards. “You have been a good girl/boy and so you deserve a treat”….like a cookie or a trip to a fast food joint.
  3. I deserve to comfort myself with food after a stressful situation. “Comforting myself with food helps alleviate my stress.” (There are many TV ads that promote this idea, especially at night).

Many people have trouble determining when they are actually experiencing true hunger and/or when they have eaten enough to satisfy their body’s needs.  Proper eating habits will be apart of the process.

Whatever the case may be for you, a personal profile will be developed with you at the first session to address your specific needs. Remember, your subconscious mind is your faithful friend and protector, but cannot tell the difference between the “truth” and the negative programs. There is good news! We can reprogram your subconscious mind to get the proper results for your health and well-being.   Let me facilitate the process of installing the healthy lifestyle program into your subconscious mind....so safe.....and easy.

* "I was hypnotized 15 months ago and lost 70 lbs in abut 10 months and have kept it off since. It was the easiest weight I have ever lost (having lost 50lbs at least 4 times in the past). I eat what I want but am satisfied with small amounts. While I used to think of exercise as a four letter word I now feel rotten if I don't get to walk or work out. I thank Donna from the bottom of my heart for turning my life around" Vicki Hilgers

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